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Please read this shipping policy carefully

Please do NOT order until you have read all of our shipping and return policies!

United Kingdom and Russia Credit Card Orders:

Due to high credit card theft in these areas First time customers may be asked to scan their drivers license and email it to us.  The address on the drivers license must match the shipping address.  Please pay via Pay Pal to avoid this extra step. We only ship to the billing address on file with the credit card bank.

Credit Card Orders:

If this is your first order with us and you are paying with a credit card we suggest you have the order shipped to the billing address on the credit card. If the billing address on your card is not the address we are shipping to we will have to verify your card, this can take up to 10 days.

If we can't verify your card we will cancel your order. We will ship the order anywhere you like if you are paying with Pay Pal or wire transfer.

Pre Ordered Items:

When you order a Pre Ordered product (products with pre order status) going outside of the USA we will hold your entire order for that item.  If you are inside the USA we will ship the rest of your order and ship the pre-ordered Item when it arrives (normally no more than 2 weeks). 

Credit Card Verification (First Time Orders Only):

For security purposes, When you are having an order shipped to an address other then the billing address on the credit card statement, our billing department will take extra measures to verify the cardholder’s identity and billing information. This will delay the shipping of your order up to 10 days. 

As a part of our verification process, you may be required to send Camera Ready Cosmetics a copy of:

  • The Credit Card used to make the purchase (covering all but the last 4 digits)
  • A government-issued photo ID for the cardholder (Such as a Drivers License)

Melting Makeup:

We are not responsible for items that melt at your residence or in your mailbox. All cream makeup will melt in the heat.   We will exchange these items free of charge ONLY if you order Signature Confirmation delivery.  Signature Confirmation is $1.50 at check out.

Stolen Packages:

When the post office has delivered your package, our responsibility ends. Please order Signature Confirmation at check out if these items are not going to a locked mailbox or a very safe area.

International customers can not order Signature. International Express comes with a signature requirement.

We ship to the countries listed here.


Processing Time:

Orders are not shipped the day you order, orders take normally 24 hours to process this does not include holidays and weekends. Orders Placed Prior to 2PM (Pacific Coast Time) are normally shipped the following business day.

Shipping Method:

We offer 3 types of shipping, all through the United States Postal Service (USPS) please read them carefully before you order.  Please check the USPS site at www.USPS.com before contacting us about a missing shipment.  Your tracking number was sent to the email address you provided when your order was shipped.



USA - Orders are shipped by flat rates. 

We do not charge by weight and size.

Free standard shipping with orders over $60.00

  • $ 6.90 Standard shipping with tracking. (Orders under $60)
  • $ 9.99 Priority Mail with tracking
  • $23.00 Express Mail (will be insured)
  • $ 1.50 Signature Confirmation (option with Standard and Priority shipping)


  • $ 7.50 Standard Mail - No Tracking (Orders under $60)
  • $ 12.89 Standard Mail - No Tracking (Orders over $60)
  • $ 15.50 Priority Mail With Tracking  (Orders Up To $ 300.00)
  • $ 25.00 Priority Mail with Tracking (Orders Over $300.00)
  • $35.00 Express Mail With Insurance (Any Size Order)


Rest of World (International)

Each country has shipping prices based on the Total order amount. A few countries will require Wire transfer funds if you would like to order Standard (cheapest) shipping.  We do not guarantee shipments sent first class to some countries. If the first class shipping option is not available at check out you will need to email us at service@crcmakeup.com. We will give you wire transfer instructions and the total shipping cost by standard mail. See Rates at the bottom of the page.

Countries with Express only mail option:

For countries with unreliable postal service, Express will be the only option you will be given at check out. If you would like to order First Class or Priority instead of Express just email us your order and we will send a Pay Pal request for payment.  You will have to agree to be responsible for the package once it has left our office.  We are not responsible for Priority and First class mail to countries where Express is your only online option.  We will not be responsible for packages to countries marked in Red unless you have paid for express/insured shipping.

For Countries not found on our shipping list:

If you are in an area that is not on our shipping list, please email us with your order. We will send you a Pay Pal request for Payment or wire transfer instructions. We cannot be responsible for items going to areas not within our enabled countries. If you send a Pay Pal payment and order anything but recommended shipping you are agreeing that you will not do a charge back if your items go missing in the mail system. We cannot reship the items; we cannot refund you the items. We can only send you proof they were shipped as you requested.

Please email us your order.  Service@crcmakeup.com

I do not have Pay Pal and do not trust USPS:

You may look into using a private courier or forwarding service like Trans Express, Skybox or Mailboxes etc. These companies will forward by private courier to most countries.

Click here to see how to use an international mail-forwarding service for your order


USPS Standard Shipping - Any size, anywhere in the USA Free on orders over $60.00

  • You can expect your order in about 1-3 business days on the West Coast and 3 to 6 business days to the Midwest and East Coast. We do not make any time guarantees on Standard shipping. Orders are normally shipped to you within 24 hours of order placement.

USPS Priority Shipping - $9.99 any size, anywhere in the USA

  • Priority mail takes 2-5 business days. Orders take 24 hours to process.
  • Please contact us if you do not receive your Priority Package in 5 business days from the day you order.
  • Signature Confirmation is available for $1.50 extra at check out.

Complete airbrush kits, makeup cases and brush cleaner cannot be mailed Priority or Express Mail. The rest of your order will be sent with the method you request, the case, airbrush kit and/or brush cleaners will be sent separately when you order priority or express mail.

USPS Express Shipping - $23.00 any size, anywhere in the USA

  • This is guaranteed to reach you within 2 business days in the USA. Please keep in mind that it will not go out the same day you order. Add 1 day processing to the shipping times. Processing takes 24 hours. You will get a tracking number once your item ships. We do not ship on Sundays and Holidays, these should not be calculated into your shipping time estimation.



International (Outside of the USA and Canada)

Please give Standard shipping 40 business days to get to you (We do not suggest ordering standard shipping outside the USA) Normally you will have your package within 10 days but Standard shipping is the cheapest and slowest method of shipping and it can take up to 55 business days in some extreme cases. Please contact us if you do not have your package in 55 business days. If you need your package quickly, please order Priority or Express mail. We do not offer First Class/Standard shipping to high risk countries unless you are paying via wire money transfer.

UK Customers (First Order) Must be paid by Pay Pal. If you pay by Credit card you will get an email requesting Pay Pal Payment and your card will be refunded.

Standard shipping to UK, Russia, France, Germany, UAE, Spain

You may request Standard shipping to any country and pay the actual first class shipping charges.  You will be responsible for the package should it go missing. We require Wire transfer for these transactions. We do not take credit cards or Pay Pal when you are using standard shipping to countries with high loss rates.  Simply email us your order and we will email step by step instructions to wire payment for your package. Some banks and wire services may charge you to make a wire transfer.

USPS International Express Mail

We have no control over how long Customs might hold or delay a package in another country. International Express mail will get to you normally in 3 to 14 business days, depending on where you are and the customs in that country. We do not guarantee delivery time because customs can hold packages for days. Express Mail is always insured. You are normally required to sign for express packages. Customs fees where applicable will be due upon receipt.


 International Shipping to the following countries have free Express shipping on orders over $500.00

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway



International Shipping (Other Countries)


PAY PAL ONLY (We do not take credit cards on 1st time customer orders to these countries)

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Spain



You may request Standard shipping to any country and pay the actual first class shipping charges.  You will be responsible for the package should it go missing. We require Wire transfer for these transactions. We do not take credit cards or Pay Pal when you are using standard shipping to countries with high loss rates.  Simply email us your order and we will email step by step instructions to wire payment for your package. Some banks and wire services may charge you to make a wire transfer.

Customs Charges/ Duty Fees

  • Camera Ready Cosmetics™ is not responsible for customs requirements or charges added by your country. Most countries charge taxes for purchases outside of the country that exceed a certain amount; these are called “duty fees.”   Most countries like Australia allow packages of up the $1,000.00 duty free.  The UK charges duty fees on almost every package.  

Lost Packages

  • We are not responsible for theft at the address you provide us. Once your package is delivered our responsibility for that package ends. We will be happy to replace damaged items but we cannot take responsibility for packages stolen at your address. Most theft of mail occurs at a business address or apartment addresses, so please keep this in mind when you provide a mailing address. Please ask for “Signature Confirmation” if you are in an apartment or giving us a Business address or Suite number. Packages are sometimes stolen at residential addresses as well. If you are not sure your package will be safe after delivery you need to ask for Signature Confirmation at check out. This is only $1.50 and it requires a signature at delivery, it will not be left unattended.
  • If the post office delivers a package to your address and you do not get that package you are free to file a report of the theft with your insurance company. We will provide proof of delivery for your report. Please do not ask us to replace packages stolen at your property or business.

If you would like a guarantee and insurance on your package, please order Express mail.

If you have given your package the proper time period as stated above to arrive and it has not, please contact Camera Ready Cosmetics™ with the following information.

  1. Date of your order
  2. Invoice number on your order
  3. Name on your order
  4. Shipping address of your order


Sales Tax

  • No sales tax applies outside of California.
  • California residents pay 8.75% sales tax


Why did you send my order Signature Confirmation? Now I have to go pick it up at the post office.

  • We sometimes send high value shipments Signature Confirmation; this is to protect your package from theft.
  • In hot climates, we may send packages containing foundation "Signature Required" so that your makeup will not melt in the heat. If foundation is left in the sun it will melt in a short time. It is safer at the post office if you are not home to sign for it.
  • If you live in an apartment or your package is going to a business we may mail it signature-required so that we have a record of who received the package. Items are less likely to be stolen when a signature is required.
  • If your billing and shipping address is not exactly the same we may send the package signature required to protect you against fraud. We may also call you to confirm your identity, or email you to confirm your email address. If we cannot confirm your identity will we hold the package until we do. We do everything in our power to protect people from identity fraud.

We reserve the right to send your package Signature Confirmation even if you request NO SIGNATURE.

One of my products was cracked in shipping. A product will sometimes break or spill in shipping. It does not happen often but it does. Just notify us within 7 days of receiving your package. We will ask you to return the item and refund you all shipping charges.  We will replace the item at no charge of course. We do not give refunds on these items but we do replace them.

I ordered one product and got another instead! As much as we hate to admit it, we make mistakes now and then. Humans are packing your orders. If we make a mistake, let us know and we PROMISE to make it up to you. We will do whatever we have to do to make you happy and to keep you ordering. Just let us know we made an error and we will make it right immediately. Email us.  We do not give refunds on these orders but we will get the correct product to you at no additional charge.



Samples are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

We gladly offer exchanges on unused product at no charge. You will be charged only for shipping the exchange to you. Return the item within 10 days with the original invoice. We will credit your store account for the product. You can reorder the item you want as soon as we receive the return item.  If you ordered as a guest we will issue you a coupon for your return, this can be used at check out.

Returns on unused makeup: 

You must return within 10 days.  We issue store credits for returns. If you would like a refund for the return we charge a 10% restocking fee, we do not refund shipping charges.  We will subtract shipping costs from your store credit or refund if you received free shipping and it no longer applies to that order.

Return on used makeup: 

We are one of very few pro makeup stores that offer credits on used makeup. If you return a used item within 10 days  we will give you a store credit for the price of the item minus a 10% restocking fee. Sorry, we cannot offer refunds. If you received free shipping and it no longer applies to that order we will subtract our original shipping costs from your store credit.