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Makeup Artist Chat: Mary RC

Posted on 21 June 2016

This month on 'Makeup Artist Chat' we had the pleasure of speaking with Celebrity Makeup Artist and our very own, Mary RC. Mary has been doing makeup in the fashion, commercial and celebrity industry for nearly 20 years. Working with Jimmy Fallon, Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Fall Out Boy, Chevy, Nike, W Magazine, Premiere.

When I embarked on my career I wanted to do it ALL—and I tried! I was a jack of all trades and a master of none. Because of my strength in clean, beauty makeup, commercial makeup quickly became my favorite medium. I also like to be hired based on my body of work. What you see in my portfolio and reel is what you get. Despite Photoshop, I am still very detail oriented and that has always helped me build a loyal clientele. I feel gratified by my final product whether it’s a national commercial or a stunning face on the red carpet. Working in the commercial/fashion/celebrity vein will always be a hustle. There is always another artist willing to take your place, and maybe even stab you in the back for it. You have to be careful who you align yourself with! Bad days on the job are never allowed and your reputation is fragile, so always make sure you are meeting the expectations of those who hired you. 

Originally, I set out to be a film artist but quickly learned it would be tough to do in my market. Having a husband and little ones at home wasn’t making it any easier, either. Episodic work takes a lot of time and commitment. A movie or show can film 14 hour days, 6 days a week, for months at a time. The life I built before this adventure doesn't jive with the film industry. I will day-play from time to time to help out makeup artist friends on film sets, but I do that just to be with my peeps.

While bridal can be a very lucrative business, it isn't an environment I thrive in. Wedding days are not my jam and I’m not comfortable booking 6 months in advance. Weekends with my family are more valuable to me than the money. You just can't do it all and do it well at the same time.

8. How many years of assisting, networking and donating time did you have to do to build up your reputation and gain referrals? What was the toughest part? 

Breaking into this business is like going to college and getting a degree. Four to six years of spending money, working for free, networking, educating yourself and building your body of work is normal. If you can break even financially by year four, you are on track. I definitely lost money my first three years, which was SO tough and financially draining. But, you have to pay your dues! Artists who shoot to the top quickly have little longevity and fall hard, fast. Networking and building a foundation of relationships will sustain you long term. Stepping on others for gain will create a sink hole that will destroy your career.

9. How do you like your position at Camera Ready Cosmetics? 

When my BFF, Mary Erickson, told me she was shopping around for a facility in Texas the thought of working here never crossed my mind. It really started by just helping a friend out with her move from California. This opportunity has blossomed into a new, unexpected and enjoyable chapter in my life. Working in the industry for so many years has transitioned wonderfully into marketing for Camera Ready. I understand the CRC customer… Heck, I AM the CRC customer. This place is precious to me because it is my girlfriend's child, so to speak. I deeply care about CRC and the people here on a level I did not expect. It has been a fun ride and I am so grateful Mary E. trusts me enough to be a part of her family here at Camera Ready Cosmetics.


If you would like to learn more about Mary RC's experience, please visit her website at

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