Derma Roller Replacement Heads

Keep rolling, rocking and radiating with refills for your Jenny Patinkin Derma Roller.

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Jenny Patinkin Derma Roller Replacement Heads Skincare Tools

Derma Roller Replacement Heads

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Keep rolling, rocking and radiating with refills for your Jenny Patinkin Derma Roller.

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Get more use out of your Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Derma Roller. This set includes 2 replacement original derma roller heads to use with the rose gold Derma Roller wand.

By creating tiny micro-channels in the uppermost layer of the skin, dermal rolling aids with product absorption at a deeper cellular level than topical application alone, helping to result in brighter, fresher, prettier skin. Featuring 560 0.2mm hypoallergenic stainless steel needles, these roller heads make thousands of painless micro punctures in just seconds, giving your favorite skincare products new points of entry where they didn't exist before. Molecules that would otherwise be too large to penetrate the upper layer of the skin are now given greater access to the next layer, helping to improve their performance and results.

For all skin types, except for broken out skin.

Hold the Derma Roller wand firmly with one hand and make sure the roller head is pointing away from your body.

With your other hand, hold the roller head only on the rose gold metal part and pop the roller head off.

If the roller head does not detach easily, gently wiggle the roller head from side to side while pulling. Do not hold the microneedle roller piece while pulling.

Without touching the needles, fit a new roller head into the Derma Roller wand.

IMPORTANT: Do not roll over eyelids, lips or nose. Do not use on inflamed, cystic or broken out skin. Do not share rollers. Sterilize roller head with rubbing alcohol after each use. Store roller upright with needles freestanding. Do not apply makeup within 4 hours of use. A small amount of itching, redness or sensitivity is not uncommon after rolling and should resolve quickly. Discontinue use should prolonged or painful irritation occur. Should you feel a burning sensation or have an extreme reaction, immediately rinse with cool water and/or contact your physician right away.

Spray roller head with rubbing alcohol after each use and store upright with needles freestanding.

Replace roller head after 20 uses.

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