Rebels and Outlaws

Rebels and Outlaws | Artists and Angels Potion




Rebels and Outlaws Sacred Ceremony Potions. Art driven and muse oriented, this magical elixir is the perfect room spray for focusing creativity, invoking inspiration or asking for spiritual guidance.

Neroli is light in the darkness. Used here for the way it touches the realms of the angels, as it is told that anyone who uses it is brushed with the light of angels’ wings. Neroli is one of the most precious essential oils, as it resonates with energy from another light-time in the universe.

Neroli is used in magic for self-purification, inward exploration, courage, love, and luck. Cinnamon is used to draw success, money and prosperity, love and passion. It can increase concentration and helps with focus and opens us to divination. Witch hazel gets its name from being commonly used to craft divination rods and is ideal here for protection, healing and finding your own power.

Tiger Eye is included for balance and strength of will as well as to reduce anxiety in the creative process. 

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