Make-Up Atelier

Make-Up Atelier Mini Gel Foundation Beige 4g

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Pale Beige FTG1B
Clear Beige FTG2B
Natural Beige FTG3B
Ultra Pale Beige FTG1NB
Ultra Clear Beige FTG2NB
Ultra Natural Beige FTG3NB
Gilded Beige FTG4NB
Honey Beige FTG5NB
Tan Beige FTG6NB





Make-up Atelier High covering Gel Foundation recommended for camouflage of belmishes, tattoos, bruises, and scars. Exceptional long-lasting makeup, water, sweat, and sebum resistant. To conceal a stain, apply after cleansing the skin with moisturizing lotion. Resists to classical types of make-up removers. 

Size: 4.5g