MustaeV - Easy Go Brush Line (Chocolate)

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Chocolate Powder (Easy Go)
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Chocolate Screw (Easy Go)
Chocolate Eyebrow (Easy Go)
Chocolate Concealer (Easy Go)
Chocolate Lip (Easy Go)
Chocolate Stippling (Easy Go)
Chocolate Angled Contour (Easy Go)
Chocolate Point Blending (Easy Go)
Chocolate Hairline Contour (Easy Go)


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Sensuous color with a stylish design, and a short portable handle that provides a stable grip. The Chocolate line features a dark chocolate colored handle with a brass colored ferrule. The So Pink line features a pink colored handle with a black colored ferrule. Easy Go Brushes are made with high quality bristles in a portable brush design you will love.ย 

Each brush goes through a 32 stage production process and is completed in the same factory from the hairdressing stage to wrapping and sterilization, so that consistent quality assurance is possible. During this process each brush is subjected to 7 stages of inspection and 7 stages of quality assurance. The final step takes the brushes through a sterilization process that is used by medical equipment manufacturers to assure the brushes are bacteria free at the time of shipping. Through this systematic control process the highest craftsmanship and quality is guaranteed.ย