MustaeV - Kowonhye Brush Line

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Powder 01 (Kowonhye)
Shading 02 (Kowonhye)
Cheek 03 (Kowonhye)
Blush 04 (Kowonhye)
Highlighter 05 (Kowonhye)
Foundation 06 (Kowonhye)
Square Foundation 07 (Kowonhye)
Concealer 08 (Kowonhye)
Precision Concealer 09 (Kowonhye)
Large Shadow 10 (Kowonhye)
Medium Shadow 11 (Kowonhye)
SmallShadow 12 (Kowonhye)
Mini Shadow 13 (Kowonhye)
Point Blending 14 (Kowonhye)
Eyeliner 15 (Kowonhye)
Angled Eyeliner 16 (Kowonhye)
Eyebrow 17 (Kowonhye)
Brow Comb 18 (Kowonhye)
Lip Sable 19 (Kowonhye)
Lip Portable 20 (Kowonhye)


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The Kowonhye Brush collection, consisting of 20 different brushes, is the collaboration of internationally known makeup artist Kowonhye and MustaeV. Marrying the know-how of Kowonhye, who has over 25 years of experience as a makeup artist and made her name in the areas of TV and film, with the high quality brush making technologies of MustaeV, the Kowonhye Brush offers professional makeup artist and consumers a high quality brush for creating beautiful makeup effortlessly.ย 

Each brush goes through a 32 stage production process and is completed in the same factory from the hairdressing stage to wrapping and sterilization, so that consistent quality assurance is possible. During this process each brush is subjected to 7 stages of inspection and 7 stages of quality assurance.

The final step takes the brushes through a sterilization process that is used by medical equipment manufacturers to assure the brushes are bacteria free at the time of shipping. Through this systematic control process the highest craftsmanship and quality is guaranteed.ย