Artis Elite 10 Brush Set Mirror Finish

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The Elite Collection 10 Brush Set is one of Oprah's Favorite Things! As Oprah says for the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, "I'm giving these to all my girlfriends!"  

The Elite Collection handles use paired elliptical/oval shapes with Oval, Linear and Circular bundle designs that offers thousands of fibres for a seamless application. The double oval design and unique bundle orientation are exclusively patented by Artis, and CosmeFibre® is trademarked.

The Elite Collection 10 Brush Set includes these original Artis favorites:

  • Oval 10 – Setting powder, Foundation, Bronzer
  • Oval 8 – Setting powder, Foundation, Bronzer, Contour
  • Oval 7 – Foundation, Blush, Contour
  • Oval 6 - Foundation, Blush, Contour, Highlight
  • Oval 4 – Eye makeup, Concealer
  • Oval 3 – Eye makeup, Concealer
  • Linear 3 – Eye liner, Brows
  • Linear 1 – Eye liner, Brows
  • Circle 1 – Lip color, Eye shadow, Spot Concealer
  • Circle 1R - Lip color, Eye shadow, Spot Concealer
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