Beautyblender Bounce Airbrush Liquid Whip Concealer

 (USA Only)

Select a Color
1.00 C (Light Ivory)
1.10 N (Light Shell)
1.20 C (Light Fair)
1.30 W (Light Sand)
1.40 N (Light Neutral)
1.50 C (Light Beige)
1.60 W (Light Peach)
2.10 C (Light Buff)
2.20 N/O (Light Olive)
2.30 W (Light Golden)
2.40 N/O (Med Olive)
2.50 N (Med Nude)
3.10 C (Med Buff)
3.15 C (Med Beige)
3.20 W (Med Sand)
3.25 N (Med Neutral)
3.30 W/O (Med Honey)
3.35 W (Med Golden)
3.40 W (Med Peach)
3.45 N (Med Bronze)
3.50 W (Tan Sand)
3.55 N/O (Tan Olive)
3.60 W (Tan Golden)
3.65 N (Tan Neutral)
3.70 W/O (Tan Honey)
3.75 W (Tan Amber)
4.00 N/O (Tan Ginger)
4.05 W (Tan Pecan)
4.10 C/O (Tan Suede)
4.15 W (Tan Sienna)
4.20 W (Deep Golden)
4.30 W (Deep Amber)
4.35 W (Deep Pecan)
4.40 N (Deep Neutral)
4.45 N (Deep Bronze)
4.50 W (Deep Sienna)
4.55 C (Deep Chestnut)
4.60 N (Deep Caramel)
4.70 C (Deep Ebony)
4.75 N (Deep Mocha)




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One swipe for hydrating, full-coverage

Conceal, brighten and smooth with this weightless full-coverage concealer which offers major pigment payoff to knock out dark circles, cover blemishes, and even out discoloration. A boost of hyaluronic acid and illuminating pigments helps hydrate and brighten skin over time. The 3-in-1 long-wear formula can be used to conceal, contour, and highlight.


Use the custom doe-foot applicator to directly target concerns, then buff out with a damp Beautyblender or Best applied on moisturized skin.


As a highlighter, select two shades lighter than the concealer shade and place on high points of the face.


To contour, try going two shades deeper than the concealer shade and place in the hollows of the cheeks, on temples, along the hairline and jawline.

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