Embryolisse Active Water Face Mist 100ml


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Embryolisse’s face mist helps to deliver a nourishing burst of soothing goodness to your skin. With a feather light consistency, the Active Water absorbs into skin quickly, leaving behind a radiant, natural-looking surface.

It's made with a base of both ionized and mineralized water, which has a cooling effect when applied to skin. This helps to calm irritation while imparting the benefits of Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium for a nutrient-rich finish. Because the mist has only two ingredients, it makes for a highly targeted solution that’s filled with essential nourishment.

With regular use, you may notice that pores can appear less noticeable while skin will appear brighter and more luminous. Your visage will also be shielded from external harm, helping to lock in a healthier look for longer. The mist can even help to lift makeup away from skin before cleansing, but will not work effectively as a setting spray.

    Size: 100ml