Skin Illustrator

Skin Illustrator Freakmo FX Palette





An exclusive collaboration with SFX artist Kiana Jones, a.k.a. Freakmo, this compact palette features a combination of Freakmo's favorite shades from Skin Illustrator's best-selling Complexion Palette and Light Fleshtones Palette. Perfect for beginners or those looking for a well-rounded wound FX palette.


  • Midnight Brown (Dark Fleshtone Palette)
  • Natural 2 (Fleshtone Palette)
  • Natural 1 (Fleshtone Palette)
  • Rice Paper (Fleshtone Palette)
  • Pastel Yellow (Complexion Palette)
  • Capillary (Complexion Palette)
  • Dusty Rose (Complexion Palette)
  • Dark Mauve (Complexion Palette)
  • Cool Tone (Complexion Palette)
  • Olive Adjuster (Fleshtone Palette)