Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadow Refill (Metallic)

 (USA Only)

Select a Color
ME-108 Steel (79108)
ME-116 Silver (79116)
ME-122 Snow (79122)
ME-202 Iceberg Blue (79202)
ME-216 Electric Blue (79216)
ME-224 Navy Blue (79224)
ME-230 Peacock Blue (79230)
ME-232 Turquoise Blue (79232)
ME-302 Peacock (79302)
ME-304 Emerald (79304)
ME-310 Fir Tree Green (79310)
ME-338 Acidic Green (79338)
ME-400 Buttercup (79400)
ME-512 Golden Beige (79512)
ME-554 Gunmetal (79554)
ME-612 Silver Brown (79612)
ME-614 Graphite Brown (79614)
ME-624 Black Gold (79624)
ME-644 Iced Brown (79644)
ME-654 Cauldron (79654)
ME-728 Copper Red (79728)
ME-734 Tangerine (79734)
ME-828 Garnet Black (79828)
ME-840 Pink Chrome (79840)
ME-912 Orchid (79912)
ME-930 Black Purple (79930)


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Go pro and select your favorite colors to create your own customized palette: with Makeup Forever Artist Color Eye Shadow Refill, access immediate color impact and long lasting hold. Available in 5 different finishes including matte, metallic, diamond, satin and iridescent. Thanks to an upgraded fabrication system, their textures offer high blendability and an immediate payoff that lasts up to 12 hours. Express yourself with Artist Color Shadow Refill and create your color mix.

Size: 2.5g

Available Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow Refill finishes

Matte, Metallic, Diamond, Satin Iridescent