Sigma Untamed Eyeshadow Palette





Unleash your inner tigress with this daring, unruly mix of matte, shimmer, and metallic shades. Evoking a sense of fearlessness and freedom, Untamed urges you to embrace every aspect of your personality. Whether you’re feeling soft and romantic, edgy and dark, bold and unexpected or responsible and tame, this eyeshadow palette and dual-ended brush will help you conquer each day with confidence and charisma.


  • Docile - Buttermilk beige matte 
  • Spirit - Brilliant ivory shimmer
  • Feral - Rich ochre matte
  • Envy - Olive green metallic 
  • Hustle - Luxe gold metallic 
  • Moxie - Poetic pink metallic
  • Loyal - Sienna brown matte 
  • Wicked - Blackest black matte 
  • Instinct - Fair mauve matte 
  • Rebel - Brick red matte 
  • Camouflage - Forest green matte 
  • Boho - Warm bronze matte 
  • Fierce - Light amethyst shimmer 
  • Dauntless - Vibrant cobalt metallic 

E38 DIFFUSED CREASE™ - Soften + blend harsh color lines 
E54 MEDIUM SWEEPER™ - Pack + blend colors onto the lid 

14 eyeshadows | Dual-ended brush | Mirror included