SterileLight ILLUMICIDE Surface Disinfecting Case

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Provides effective surface disinfection in just three minutes with ultra-violet germicidal light. Reduce surface pathogens on infection-prone items within this portable case that doubles as storage. The 40 light, instant-on array is mercury-free, unlike competitor’s outdated technology that unnecessarily harms the planet.

Perfect for disinfecting any object likely to carry infection such as iPads, smartphones, wallets, gloves, keys, protective facemasks, protective eye-wear, hearing protection, tape measures, CPAP gear, thermometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, watches, eyeglasses, razors, toothbrushes, pens and pencils, calculators, baby bottles and pacifiers. etc.

    SterileLight's ILLUMICIDE device is based on Ultraviolet light in the germicidal (C) spectrum which is between 200 and 280 nanometers. Germicidal or UV-C light is short-wavelength ultraviolet light which kills or inactivates bacteria, virus, molds, and other pathogenic microorganisms. The ILLUMICIDE device produces varying wavelengths between 260 and 280 nanometers.

    • 60 Quick Disinfect Cycles are available when the batteries are fully charged.
    • Power transformer: 120V AC transformer to 18V--1.5A DC output
    • Device Input Interface: USB Type C
    • External dimensions: Width=11.89” x Depth=10.59” x Height=6.06”
    • Internal dimensions: Width= 10.89" x Depth=9.59" x Height=5.06"
    • Weighs 4.41 pounds (2 kilograms)