Senna Rondo Blender 44 Brush


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Buff and blend creams, liquids and powders flawlessly with this soft rounded brush. Great for blending concealer, eye color and highlighting brows. Gets into tight spots like inner eye for smooth, even coverage anywhere.

These brushes are made with synthetic fiber technology so advanced it is patent pending. Then each shape is meticulously designed, trimmed, and hand-crafted to the strictest quality standards. The brush handles are from FSC certified wood from responsibly managed forests. The result is an eco-friendly brush that offers most every benefit we love about the natural hair ones.

Reusable clear pouch lets you see and store neatly.

Superb Pigment Pickup & Payoff
Skin Hugging Softness
Versatile for Powders, Liquids, & Creams
Smooth Applying & Blending
Precision & Control

Synthetic & Cruelty-Free