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European Body Art Venom Premier Tooth Color

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EBA Professional grade tooth color for stage, screen, and special effects. The Venom tooth coloring provides an instant temporary, yet, waterproof tooth color used widely by makeup artists in film and TV. Venom tooth color is easily removable with toothpaste and a toothbrush. The formula uses only FDA approved ingredients, and the pigments are approved for oral care products. All colors in Venom tooth coloring have been tested on teeth as well as different veneers and crown materials.

This EBA tooth color is intended for professional use. Film quality last up to 12 hours. Please read warnings below.


  • designed for ages 14 and up
  • may stain clothes
  • may temporarily stain teeth and skin
  • do not use near eyes, nose, and ears
  • do not swallow
  • flammable
  • Non-toxic FDA approved ingredients
  • .2oz tube, applicator brush and instructions


Blood, Nicotine, Decay

NET 6ml/0.2 US OZ