Temptu Air Pro Plus Airbrush Compressor


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TEMPTU Pro Plus Airbrush Compressor is TEMPTU’s most versatile and portable professional dual-action airbrush compressor for complete flexibility in application, maintenance, and convenience. The Pro Plus gives artists the flexibility to apply custom-blended or pre-filled ready-to-use makeup – as it is designed to work with any single or dual-action top-feed airbrush, such as the SP-35, the Airpod Pro, and the Airpod cartridge system.

For maximum convenience and little to no cleaning, the Pro Plus works with the Airpod Pro, a reusable and disposable single-action top feed airbrush, and all Airpod Makeup contained in disposable, pre-filled cartridges. The Pro Plus is designed with an internal built-in regulator and air release valve to work with any advanced, dual-action airbrush gun (e.g. SP-35). For a professional system, it is also portable weighing only 1 lb. The Pro Plus is recommended for beauty and light body work.

  • Weighs only 1 lb
  • Maximum Pressure 30 PSI
  • Compatible with SP-35 and SP-40 Airbrush Guns (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Airpod and Airpod Pro when used with Airpod Airbrush Gun for Pro Plus (sold separately)
  • Dual voltage when used with appropriate international plug adapter/converter
  • Includes A/C Adapter, Deluxe Flex Hose, and Airbrush Cradle
Assembling Your Pro Plus Airbrush Compressor

Attaching the Reversible Airbrush Holder: First attach the small round cushion tabs on the inside of the two hooks of the holder. This will reduce vibration on your airbrush gun. The holder can be placed on either the right or left side on top of the Pro Plus unit.

Attaching the Airhose to the Compressor: Screw one end of the 1/8" metal fitting of the Deluxe Flex Airhose on to the 1/8" metal fitting on the compressor. Make sure that the fitting is tightened all the way so you will not lose pressure.

Attaching Your Airbrush Gun: First be sure that your gun has a 1/8" metal fitting. Screw the end of your Deluxe Flex Airhose to the bottom of your airbrush gun.

Getting Started

Once ready for use, be sure to press down on the trigger of your gun before turning on the unit. This will release any trapped air. While the trigger is down, turn the unit on and air will begin to flow.

To regulate air pressure, adjust the pressure dial regulator on the front of the unit. Turn the pressure dial left to increase pressure and right to decrease pressure.

Pro Plus Tips:

The Pro Plus comes equipped with a safety shut-off which will turn the unit off after 15 minutes of running.

To avoid back pressure and to keep your unit running at optimum performance, keep the pressure valve at 1/16" from the highest pressure setting. You will not lose any pressure and this will help the life of the compressor motor.