Anna Sui

Anna Sui Lipstick F: Fairy Flower

Select a Color
Plum Pink Orchid (F201)
Pale Pink Peony (F300)
Pink Dianthus (F301)
Fuchsia Pink Gerbera (F302)
Pink Cosmos (F303)
Red Pink Camellia (F304)
Anna Rose Red (F400)
Red Carnation (F401)
Coral Sweet Pea (F600)
Orange Tulip (F601)
Bright Marigold (F602)
Warm Rose (F202)
Bright Rose (F402)
Classy Rose (F403)
Deep Red Rose (F404)





Flower Lipstick

Like kissing the soft petals of a flower, this beautiful lipstick comes in a rainbow of vibrant warm colors. Comes with a cute floral print lid adorned with a butterfly.

11 variants available + 4 new Rose Colors


Size: 3g