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Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Green Bambu Series Brushes for Eyes

Select a Brush
706 Fine Point Eyeliner (Bambu)
708 Bent Eyeliner (Bambu)
710 Eyeliner (Bambu)
711 Pointe Tip Liner (Bambu)
714 Flat Eye Definer (Bambu)
716 Smoky Eyeliner (Bambu)
722 Comb/Brow (Bambu)
733 Lash (Bambu)
740 Sponge Applicator (Bambu)
760 Liner/Brow (Bambu)
762 SmallAngle (Bambu)
763 Angled Brow (Bambu)
766 Angled Shadow (Bambu)
767 Round Dome Blender (Bambu)
769 Angled Contour (Bambu)
772 SmallShader (Bambu)
775 Duet Fiber Shader (Bambu)
776 Blending (Bambu)
777 Shadow (Bambu)
778 Large Shadow (Bambu)
779 Eye Whopper (Bambu)
780 Pencil (Bambu)
781 Crease (Bambu)
783 SmallTapered Blending (Bambu)
785 Tapered Blending (Bambu)
787 Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending (Bambu)




Bdellium Tools Green Bambu Brush Series for Face are eco-friendly makeup brushes with sustainable bamboo handles and all-vegan, synthetic bristles. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and environmentally sound plants on earth because of its rapid growth cycle, making these brushes perfect for the environmentally conscious. Synthetic brushes will include benefits such as minimal shedding when compared to natural bristles, easier cleaning and a light, even application. The bristles are hypoallergenic and 100% cruelty free.

*All brushes sold separately.

  • Angled Brow 763 - Perfect angle to help line, shape the eye or eye brow. Great tool to define your facial features

  • Angled Contour 769 - Sharp angled brush for contouring. Create precise color accents & highlights on the inner and outer corners of the eye

  • Angled Shadow 766 - Soft and smooth angled fibers ideal for applying shadow to the crease and corners of the eye

  • Bent Eyeliner 708 - Lines lash line with a smooth, clear cut application for a flawless finish

  • Blending 776 - Ideal for shading and blending powder of cream product

  • Combo/Brow 722 - 2-in-1 brush and comb brow combo can be used to groom, smooth and prep up brows & eyelashes

  • Crease 781 - Created for eye crease work, and for use with contrasting colors

  • Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending 787 - Controlled lightweight application of powder and cream products on the eye crease and around the nose

  • Duet Fiber Shader 775 - Optimized bristles with natural fibers to help get precise results with the synthetic tips

  • Eye Liner 710 - Narrow, extra fine tip brush for use with wet liner

  • Eye Whopper 779 - Ideal for applying blending, & highlighting

  • Fine Point Eyeliner 706 - The smooth, synthetic fibers of this brush give you the precision need for lining the eyes or other fine detail work

  • Flat Eye Definer 714 - Firm, flat shaped brush used to line and define eyes with color

  • Large Shadow 778 - Designed to apply shadow to the entire lid evenly & smoothly

  • Lash 733 - Use for applying mascara products and separating lashes

  • Liner/Brown Pencil 760 - For precise work on eye and brow; use to also blend lines drawn by eyeline pencils

  • Pencil 780 - Pencil tip allows for precise shading on lashline, crease and eyelid

  • Pointe Tip Liner 711 - Extra fine, narrow brush works well with liquid or cream products

  • Round Dome Blender 767 - Gentle brush of a fingertip, this brush is excellent for blending and smoothing out edges for a natural look

  • Shadow 777 - Designed to be multi-purpose in shading, cover lower lid and highlight brow bone

  • Small Angle 762 - Tapered point angles perfectly to create a natural curve when worked around the lash line

  • Small Shader 772 - Great for powder, concealer and any emollient-based product application

  • Small Tapered Blending 783 - Eye shape, look no further for a beautiful brush that makes your eyes pop

  • Smoky Eyeliner 716 - Creates a smokey eye in one stroke with the tapered tip

  • Sponge Applicator 740 - Soft,long lasting foam tip delivers pristine application for powder, liquid and cream products

  • Tapered 785 - Unique shape ideal for applying shadow to crease to add depth
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