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Bdellium Tools Studio I AM FIRST 10pc. Brush Set with Brush Holder (2nd Edition)


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The I AM FIRST 10pc. brush set is a set that includes 10 best-selling brushes from the Studio Line. Bdellium wanted to create a set that seamlessly integrates empowerment with positive and motivating affirmations to remind you to love yourself, FIRST, and foremost. With soft bristles and full-sized handles, this is the ultimate brush set to help make you look and feel amazing. Makeup is an art and beauty is a state of mind. Each brush is a makeup tool, but it also serves as a reminder of your best strengths. This 2nd edition features brush handles of matte yellow finish along with multi-color affirmation logos and a multi-color holder cover. 

  • Studio Line 10pc. brush set
  • Set includes bestselling Bdellium Tool brushes
  • Each brush displays a positive affirmation
  • Matte yellow finished handle
  • Hand-crafted professional makeup brushes (Studio Line)
  • Includes box to use as brush holders
  • Brush holder size 3 x 3 x 9" (7.6 x 7.6 x 22.9 cm)

  • Brushes included in this set:

    #980 Large Powder [I AM CONFIDENT]
    #962 Slanted Blusher [I AM DETERMINED]
    #957 Precision Cheek [I AM BEAUTIFUL]
    #787 Tapered Blending [I AM STRONG]
    #776 Blending [I AM ENOUGH]
    #775 Duet Fiber Shader [I AM PRESENT]
    #762 Angle Brow [I AM LOVED]
    #735 Double Ended Brow Lash [I AM HAPPY]
    #542 Bold Lip [I AM READY]