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Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu Brush Sets




The collection of perfect tools for any form of foundation application. Use with powder, liquid and cream foundation.

Yellow Bambu Smoky Eyes 5pc. Brush Set:

  • 769Y Angled Contour - Sharp angled brush for contouring. Create precise color accents & highlights on the inner & outer corners of the eye.
  • 781Y Crease - Created for eye crease work, and for use with contrasting colors.
  • 760Y Liner/Brow - For precise work on eye and brow; use to also blend lines drawn by eyeliner pencils.
  • 716Y Smoky Eyeliner - Creates a smokey eye in one stroke with the tapered tip.
  • 777Y Shadow - Designed to be multi-purpose in shading, cover lower lid and highlight brow bone.

Yellow Bambu Mineral 5pc. Brush Set:

  • 787Y Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending - For controlled lightweight application. Works well with mineral pigment. Easy application around the eye crease and nose area.
  • 778Y Large Shadow - Designed to apply shadow to the entire lid evenly & smoothly.
  • 959Y Powder Blending - Large, full brush for a lightweight application and blending powder.
  • 934Y Precision Concealer - Perfect for small area touch ups and good for blending under eyes.
  • 942Y Slanted Contour - Slanted for precise application to contour and shape the face.

Yellow Bambu Foundation 4pc. Brush Set:

  • 953Y Duet Fiber Foundation - Will create a smooth texture on the skin when used with liquid or cream foundations.
  • 955Y Finishing - Blends face powder and water based foundation for a perfect light finish.
  • 948Y Foundation - Specifically designed to apply liquid foundation evenly and flawlessly to the face.
  • 957Y Precision Kabuki - Ideal for application with liquid, cream & various powder products.

Yellow Bambu Complete 15pc. Brush Set with Roll-up Pouch:

  • 964 All-Purpose Blusher - This is a truly all-purpose brush designed for blush or face powder.
  • 542 Bold Lip - Smooth application for bold lip colors.
  • 936 Concealer - Smoothly and evenly blends concealer into the eyes, face, and blemishes.
  • 955 Duet Fiber Finishing - Blends face powder and water based foundation for a perfect light finish.
  • 775 Duet Fiber Shader - Designed for shading with eye shadow or emollient-based products
  • 710 Eyeliner - Narrow, extra fine tip brush for use with wet liner.
  • 733 Lash - Use for applying mascara products and separating lashes.
  • 780 Pencil - Pencil tip allows for precise shading on lash line, crease and eyelid.
  • 949 Pointed Foundation - Perfect for both foundation and concealer, crafted to apply product to the curves of the face such as eye, cheek and nose area.
  • 980 Powder - Perfect for apply loose or pressed powder to the face.
  • 762 Small Angle - Tapered point angles perfectly to create a natural curve when worked around the lash line.
  • 947 Small Foundation - Softer and has a small head size, which makes it easy to maneuver in small areas.
  • 772 Small Shader - Great for powder, concealer and any emollient-based product application.
  • 740 Sponge Applicator - Soft, long lasting foam tip delivers pristine application for powder, liquid and cream products.
  • 785 Tapered Blending - Unique shape ideal for applying shadow to crease to add depth.
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