By Terry

By Terry Cellularose Liftessence Oil Elixir (Limited Availability)




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Ultimate Regenerating Oil Serum

By Terry Cellularose Liftessence Oil Elixir. This anti-aging, firming and lifting serum is enriched with extracts and premium nutrients which work to nourish, hydrate and restore even the most dehydrated skin. The result is smoother, fuller and younger-looking complexions.  

Size: 30ml

  • Essence of Native Ruby Rose Cells: Firming, anti-ageing.
  • Rosehip oil: ensures optimal regenerative power of skin tissues.
  • White Rose and Pastel Rose extracts: provide long-lasting moisturising, rebalancing and soothing action.
  • Black Rose and French Rose extracts: neutralise free radicals and slow down skin ageing.
  • Wild Rose extract: restores skin’s hydrolipidic film by filling skin micro-lesions.