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By Terry

By Terry Eyebrow Liner

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Color-Stain Pen

A genuine calligraphy tool for excessively plucked, irregular or asymmetrical eyebrows, the rapid drying felt-tip EYEBROW LINER redefines eyebrows with successive short strokes, as a thin or radically thick line, offering high-precision smudge-free application.



Highly enriched with micronized pigments and adhesive polymers, this ultra-fine, soft and slender felt-tip applicator offers a clear, adjustable and no-transfer definition.

The eyebrow line is redesigned, intensified and perfectly styled, with a spectacular lifting effect.

Draw a line starting at the inside of the eyebrow and work towards the outside. Intensify the line based on your desired results.

Without applying pressure, draw short, feathery strokes working upwards(diagonally in the direction of the brow bone) for completely natural-looking results.

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