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By Terry

By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick

Select a Color
N1-Mimetic Beige (Rouge Expert)
N2-Bloom Nude (Rouge Expert)
N3-Bare Me (Rouge Expert)
N4-Rose Ease (Rouge Expert)
N6-Rosy Flush (Rouge Expert)
N7-Flirt Affair (Rouge Expert)
N8-Flower Attitude (Rouge Expert)
N9-Flesh Award (Rouge Expert)
N10-Garnet Glow (Rouge Expert)
N11-Baby Brick (Rouge Expert)
N12-Naked Nectar (Rouge Expert)
N13-Chilly Cream (Rouge Expert)
N16-Rouge Initiation (Rouge Expert)
N17-My Red (Rouge Expert)
N18-Be Mine (Rouge Expert)
N20-Mystic Red (Rouge Expert)
N21-Palace Wine (Rouge Expert)
N22-Play Plum (Rouge Expert)
N23-Pink Pong (Rouge Expert)
N25-Dark Purple (Rouge Expert)




By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick 

No more compromises: one click and you can have it all! 
This 3-in-1 hybrid lipstick is rich like a balm, precise like a pencil and intense like a premium pigment. In just one stroke, it reveals the boldest color impact all day long.

  • Simply click to offer a single dosage and apply on the lips with the tip up.
  • One way system - Preserves lipstick shape and formula.

Absolute coverage and velvet-smooth comfort upon application through an ultra-feminine gesture.

Its ergonomic drop-shaped tip instantly outlines the contour and fills the lips. A range of glamorous shades from nude to pop to give your lips a bespoke touch of style.

Adding to the pleasure factor of the formula:

a creamy, supple, cushiony veil of texture — derived from a skin-nourishing duo of copolymers and vitamins — that glides on like silk, for the lightest sensation on lips.

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