By Terry

By Terry Soleil Terrybly Hydra-Bronzing Tinted Serum

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N100 - Summer Nude (HBTS)
N200 - Exotic Bronze (HBTS)





Already a cult product in its new tube, this bronzer with a serum texture boosts its performance and effectiveness. After the first application, the face lights up with amber radiance and SOLEIL TERRYBLY deeply stimulates melanin for a true progressive

For complexion perfection and glow: Soft-Focus “Spectro-Light” absorb the blue components of the skin tone that make the complexion look lackluster.

For a moisturizing-smoothing effect: Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides encourages the skin’s smoothness and hydration.

For a protection against UV rays: Vitamin E delivers overall youth-protecting effectiveness.

Apply with fingertips and spread on face and neck. Adjust application for a deeper or lighter tone.