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By Terry

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush

Select a Color
N1 - Platonic Blonde (Blush)
N2 - Flash Fiesta (Blush)
N3 - Beach Bomb (Blush)
N4 - Nude Dance (Blush)
N5 - Sexy Pink (Blush)
N6 - Bohemian Flirt (Blush)




Youthful Radiance Powder Blush

A radiant complexion combined with anti-wrinkle efficiency.

Its DENSILISS ® technology creates an immediate youthful look: optically anti-ageing action of F.T.C - Flawless Time Control soft focus prism complex. Its delicate silky texture makes it almost feel like cream!

Use its blush brush for perfect malleable precision.

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