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Esum Detailing Brush 9 Piece Set

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Esum Detailing Makeup Brush Set - 9 pc: Includes the essential detailing brushes to take an application from basic to professional.

Includes: W1, T3, T07, T11, W23, G29, S31, W35, and T41.


Esum W01 - Fine Round Liner Makeup Brush: Ideal for precision liner and detail application of liquid to cream mediums. Sable hair provides ultimate control and even lay-down of pigment.
Retail value $16.

Esum T03 - Extra Small Detailing Makeup Brush: Ideal for fine detail application from defining the wet-line of the eyes to blemish camouflage. Taklon Fiber provides flexible lay-down and ideal for cream to gel makeup mediums.
Retail value $16.

Esum T07 - Angle Liner Makeup Brush: A classic tool for the “gliding” technique of eye liner application. The sharp angle is ideal for those hard to reach areas. Taklon Fiber provides flexible makeup application for liquid to gel makeup mediums.
Retail value $18.

Esum T11 - Fan Mascara Makeup Brush: Created for mascara application creating beautiful lash separation and elongation. Perfect for coating bottom lashes for the most natural build. Taklon Fiber is ideal for all mascara mediums from cake to cream.
Retail value $12.

Esum W23 - Medium Filbert Shader Brush: A classic brush shape ideal for professional shading and detail application of powder to cream mediums. Sable hair provides ultimate control and application.
Retail value $36.

Esum G29 - Medium Shadow Brush: Perfect for shading to blending eye makeup. Soft Goat hair offers a sheer to medium application ideal for powder mediums.
Retail value $36.

Esum S31 - Small Round Eye Contour Brush: Created for precision shading. Made from Extra Soft Squirrel hair for a sheer application of powder mediums.
Retail value $28.

Esum W35 - Large Round-Angle Eye Contour Brush: A unique eye contour brush for an effortless glide and perfectly diffused application of cream to powder mediums. Sable hair offers ultimate control and placement of color.
Retail value $58.

Esum T41 - Makeup Concealer Brush: Created for the perfect application and fit for under eye camouflaging. Taklon Fiber provides flexible coverage ideal for cream and liquid makeup mediums.
Retail value $18.


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