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Flutter Mink Evening Lashes

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Flutter Lashes Mink Evening Collection are hand assembled with the finest Mink hairs that are precisely layered on a cotton band that offers a lightweight/comfortable all day wear. Reusable (10 - 20+ with proper care). 

Annabelle Mink Eyelashes are crafted with maximum length using dark density lashes, dispersed evenly to form a bold cross pattern for classic effect.

Barb Mink Eyelashes are made with a unique cross pattern with a mixture of short and long lashes, dispersed evenly to form a sultry, unique effect.

Emily Mink Eyelashes are formed with a combination of long and medium bold density lashes with a slight wing tip, that adds length with a full and natural effect.

Lindsay Mink Eyelashes are created with a cross pattern of short, medium and long lashes that adds a dark layer of volume and feminine effect to your natural lashes.

Application Instructions

  1. Gently curl your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler.
  2. Measure each Flutter® Lash with your eyes and trim as needed.
  3. Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue on the entire band. Allow 3-5 seconds for the glue to thicken and build an adhesive bond.
  4. Begin from the center of your eye and place the Flutter® Lash directly above your natural eyelash line (for lower lashes, place the Flutter® Lash directly below your lower eyelash line). Position carefully using tweezers or fingertips. Allow 5-10 seconds for the Flutter® Lashes to dry securely on your eyelid.

Proper Removal and Care

  1. Moisten a Q-tip with makeup remover and apply on the band of the Flutter® Lashes.
  2. Hold the makeup remover over the band of the lashes for 5-7 seconds to loosen the eyelash glue or until the Flutter® Lashes have separated from your eyelids. To preserve the appearance of your Flutter® Lashes, avoid wetting the strands of the lash.
  3. Carefully peel off any remaining glue from the Flutter® Lashes.
  4. Place the Flutter® Lashes back into their original case to mold the lashes back into their original form.