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Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Hollywood Fashion Secrets - Bra Converting Clip (Fashion Edition)



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Convert any bra to a cross-back style to hide straps and lift breasts. 3 clips; 1 black, 1 black lace, 1 pink chevron.

Convert any bra into a cross-back style without the expense of buying a new one just for those racer-back styles or tank tops. Not only does the bra clip keep those pesky straps hidden and prevent them from slipping, it adds an instant lift to your breasts. The clip won’t show through fabrics, it’s easy to use and comfortable.

  • Hides bra straps when wearing a tank top and racer-back styles
  • Keeps bra straps from slipping
  • Lifts breasts and gives more cleavage
  • Use two clips if additional support is needed

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