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Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Hollywood Fashion Secrets - Nail Polish Corrector & Remover

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Secret 30 - These cotton swabs offer precise touch-ups that cotton balls or wipes can’t master. The swabs contain a soy-based, acetone-free nail polish remover. Snap the swab stick and correct manis and pedis with ease. Includes 24 pre-filled, portable cotton swabs in a convenient storage case.


  • A gentle snap of the tip release the formula allowing for a quick, easy and precise touch-up.
  • Great for quick, on-the-go touch ups
  • Perfect for everyday use and ideal to pop in your handbag
  • 1. Hold swab vertically, with color ring end up.

    2. Gently snap the tip with the color ring.

    3. Formula inside the tube flows down and fills the opposite tip.

    4. Gently apply saturated tip of swab to applicable area.

    Discard swab. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Dispose after one application.

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