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HUM Nutrition

HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair




Hair Sweet Hair for stronger and healthier hair.

  • Helps support healthy follicles and hair growth
  • Unique formula including Fo-Ti and PABA
  • Vegan Berry Gummy Hearts
  • 30 day supply - No artificials

There is nothing better than hair that is strong, healthy and vibrant. HUM Nutrition has combined the best hair health ingredients to provide you just that!

Hair is made up of proteins, specifically keratin. To produce keratin, the body needs to maintain healthy cellular function through adequate levels of biotin, b-12, and folic acid. Zinc maintains the health of hair follicles and deficiencies have often been associated with brittle hair. Fo-ti, a Chinese herb, along with PABA, increase strength and pigment of hair. Hair Sweet Hair provides nutrients to help boost the bodies ability to maintain healthy, vibrant hair.

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