Jenny Patinkin

Jenny Patinkin Luxury Vegan Line/Smudge Brush




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Designed with the knowledge that eyeliner is the most complicated product for most women to apply, the softly ​domed tip of this​ brush makes it simple, ​flattering​ and forgiving.  Whether you use it to​ smudge a liner pencil, to line with powder shadow, or to smudge powder over ​pencil, this brush is designed to ​lightly move back and forth on the lash line, gently smudging ​without having to tug at the edge of the lid or exercise extreme precision.  May also be used to spot cover blemishes, highlight the inner corner of the eyes or apply lipstick.

Each brush is made with high quality and technologically advanced synthetic fibers that are finer than a natural hair and packed with 2.5x as many bristles as a conventional brush, resulting in a velvety feel and a seamless application. With a tapered tip that won’t pick up too much makeup and a weighted handle for extra balance in the hand and control in the application, these brushes deliver a consistently subtle, natural makeup look.

Jenny Patinkin brushes are 100% hand made and can be used with cream or powder makeup. To switch between products with the same brush, simply rub pigments and oils away on a washcloth. Wash with any soap or detergent of your choice.

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