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Joss + Lyn

Joss + Lyn Peel Off Mask: Glitter




Joss + Lyn Peel Off Mask: Glitter

A powerful blend of charcoal and herbal ingredients with a fun glitter twist. Helps detoxify and removes skin impurities while helping restore skin's complexion.

A deep cleansing charcoal glitter peel off mask that helps remove dead skin cells and minimize the appearance of pores, improves skin elasticity, and helps restores clear, smooth complexion.

Benefits of Charcoal
-detoxifies skin
-removes dirt and buildup
-removes excess oil

Directions For Use
-Thoroughly cleanse face and dry
-Apply mask on desired area (avoid eyes, eyebrows, lips) -Leave it on for 20-25 minutes until completely dried
-Peel the mask off slowly from the bottom (avoid pulling it off)
-Gently cleanse with warm water to remove residue

Size: 100ml

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