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Keromask Camouflage Cream

Select a Color
Cream Light No. 1 Camouflage
Cream Light No. 3 Camouflage
Cream Light No.5 Camouflage
Cream Light No. 7 Camouflage
Cream Light No. 9 Camouflage
Cream Light No. 11 Camouflage
Cream Light No. 13 Camouflage
Cream Light No. 15 Camouflage
Cream Medium No. 1 Camouflage
Cream Medium No. 3 Camouflage
Cream Medium No. 5 Camouflage
Cream Medium No. 7 Camouflage
Cream Medium No. 9 (Brown Camouflage)
Cream Medium No. 11 (Chestnut Camouflage)
Cream Medium No. 13 Camouflage
Cream Medium No. 15 Camouflage
Cream Dark No. 1 Camouflage
Cream Dark No. 3 Camouflage
Cream Dark No. 5 Camouflage
Cream Dark No. 7 Camouflage
Cream Dark No. 9 (Umber Camouflage)




Keromask is an ultra-pigmented, highly concentrated concealer developed by dermatologists and loved by Hollywood’s top makeup artists. This easy to use formula is available in 25 shades, ensuring a perfect color match for all skin tones, including African-American, Hispanic, and Asian complexions. Keromask can be used for disguising a variety of common skin problems, large or small, such as:

Age spots, acne marks and scars, birthmarks, broken capillaries, bruises and Post-operative bruising, burn scars, dark circles under the eyes, eczema, flushing, moles, permanent pigmentation problems, port wine stains. psoriasis, rosacea, scar discoloration, Tattoos, temporary discoloration, varicose veins, vitiligo, and more…

Please purchase a sample if you are not sure about the color you need.

Parrafinum,Liquidom, Petrolatum, Lanolin, Ozekerite, Lanolin Alcohol, BHT, Propelyne Glycol, BHA, Propyl Gallote, Citric Acid. May contain: +/- Talc, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77491, CI77492, CI77499 (Iron Oxide).
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