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L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl Eye Lux Eyeshadow

Select a Color
Privatize (GES464)
Fantasize (GES468)
Polarize (GES471)
Dramatize (GES476)
Energize (GES473)
Eternalize (GES469)
Glamorize (GES474)
Harmonize (GES461)
Hypnotize (GES475)
Idolize (GES470)
Optimize (GES462)
Sensualize (GES463)
Socialize (GES467)
Tranquilize (GES472)
Tropicalize (GES466)
Urbanize (GES465)




This luxurious, long wearing and intensely pigmented eyeshadow collection inspires dazzling looks. EyeLux Mesmerizing eyeshadow is formulated to be extra smooth and silky in a mix of matte, satin and metal finishes. Available in 16 exhilarating quads sure to capture your imagination and inspire beautiful eye looks.


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