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Living Proof

Living Proof Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse 6.0 oz

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A styling mousse that shapes and defines natural waves and curls that need a boost. When the complete Curl line is used together, curls are beautiful, defined and frizz free - and they stay that way 2x longer. Powered by the Extended Curl Memory, Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse:

  • provides frizz and humidity protection
  • creates flexible, long lasting touchable curls
  • extra hold
  • light conditioning

For extra conditioning, use with our Curl Defining Styling Cream or No Frizz Leave In Conditioner

Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse is ideal for naturally wavy or curly hair. It is silicone-free. Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair. 

Will Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse dry out my hair?

No, Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse is formulated with Extended Curl Memory technology featuring time-released conditioners that keep curls conditioned for long-lasting, smooth, defined curls.

Will Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse weigh my hair down?

Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse will hydrate and smooth curls. It is silicone-free and oil-free.

Does Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse build up on hair?

No, unlike silicone-based products, Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse does not build up on your hair. Further, it washes out with Curl Conditioning Wash or any shampoo.

How does the Curl definition and frizz protection get stronger if it doesn’t build up?

The coating that OFPMA forms becomes more uniform with multiple applications and therefore is more effective at blocking humidity from entering the hair shaft.

Are the humidity protection and frizz-free results immediate?

Yes, you will see results after one use of Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse. However, the OFPMA shield becomes stronger the longer you use it and can be maintained with consistent use of Curlproducts.

Do I need to use the entire Curl line to see results?

No, however, each Curl product offers a unique benefit and when used as a system, will create beautiful, frizz free, defined curls that last 2x longer.

Can Curl be used with other Living Proof products?

Yes, Curl can be used with all other Living Proof products.

We recommend No Frizz Leave In Conditioner for additional conditioning and frizz protection.

No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray or Prime Style Extender (cream or spray) to reactivate curls between days where you cleanse with Curl Conditioning Wash or shampoo.

Can Curl be used with non-Living Proof products?

Yes, Curl can be used with non-LP products, however, we recommend pairing with Curl Conditioning Wash and Curl Detangling Rinse to see the best results.

Is it compatible with perms, color and other chemical treatments?

Yes, Curl is compatible with these types of treatments. These treatments make your hair slightly dry and very porous, so the added conditioning in Curl Conditioning Wash and Curl Defining Styling Cream is ideal.

Is it safe for color and chemically treated hair?

Yes, like all Living Proof products Curl is safe and formulated for color or chemically processed hair. 

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