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Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadow Refill (Matte)

Select a Color
M-100 Black (79100)
M-106 Slate (79106)
M-126 Chalk (79126)
M-226 Abyssal Blue (79226)
M-240 Prussian Blue (79240)
M-322 Khaki (79322)
M-402 Mimosa (79402)
M-405 Straw Yellow (79405)
M-500 Ivory (79500)
M-510 Vanilla (79510)
M-518 Nude (79518)
M-530 Eggshell (79530)
M-532 Sugar Coated Candy (79532)
M-535 Oat (79535)
M-536 Milk Tea (79536)
M-540 Gray Beige (79540)
M-546 Dark Purple Taupe (79546)
M-549 Dark Taupe (79549)
M-600 Pink Brown (79600)
M-603 Cinnamon (79603)
M-608 Red Brown (79608)
M-619 Espresso (79619)
M-631 Cappuccino (79631)
M-647 Speculoos (79647)
M-705 Canyon (79705)
M-720 Apricot (79720)
M-732 Orange (79732)
M-738 Auburn (79738)
M-742 Tomato (79742)
M-748 Coral (79748)
M-806 Antique Pink (79806)
M-820 Dark Purple Pink (79820)
M-842 Wine (79842)
M-847 Burgundy (79847)
M-853 Neon Pink (79853)
M-856 Fresh Pink (79856)
M-860 Powdery Pink (79860)
M-924 Purple (79924)
M-928 Eggplant (79928)



Available for Purchase In-Store

Go pro and select your favorite colors to create your own customized palette: with Makeup Forever Artist Color Eye Shadow Refill, access immediate color impact and long lasting hold. Available in 5 different finishes including matte, metallic, diamond, satin and iridescent. Thanks to an upgraded fabrication system, their textures offer high blendability and an immediate payoff that lasts up to 12 hours. Express yourself with Artist Color Shadow Refill and create your color mix.

Size: 2.5g

Available Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow Refill finishes

Matte, Metallic, Diamond, Satin Iridescent 

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