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Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Blending Powder Brush (59122)

 (USA Only)

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Created with two distinct bristle lengths, this versatile brush can be used for varying application techniques. Its delicate, flexible end allows for a natural, translucent foundation result while its firm allows you to build coverage if desired.

This ultra soft brush can be used with liquid foundations as well as loose and compact powders and is ideal for applying foundation to sensitive skin.

Type of fibers: Straight and wavy.

Recommended textures: Liquid foundations, loose and compact powders.

With multi-purpose use, its airy head is used to apply powder or liquid foundations with subtlety and softness for a natural and translucent result. Its extreme softness is also particularly adapted for applying makeup to sensitive skin.

Pro tip: Use to apply dots and multi-line stripes with liquid products for fashion makeup in magazines.

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