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Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Concealer & Lip Liner Pencil

 (USA Only)



Available for Purchase In-Store

The Concealer Pencil hides spots and blotches, minimizes lines and wrinkles and reshapes the contour of lips. It blends like a cream but corrects with the precision of a pencil. Each crayon has two different colored tips for more color combination possibilities.

Size: 2.1g

Mix the two shades together to get the desired color. For very precise corrections, such as smoothing out the facial lines, sharpen the pencils carefully.

Apply the tip directly to the skin, then smooth out using your finger, a sponge applicator or a brush.

Use the Pencil to correct the natural shape of the mouth if it is too large or asymmetrical. Widen the eyes and give them a natural-looking sparkle by lightening the waterline with a stroke of the pencil.

Complexion correction: to tone down redness and small spots, apply the pencil lightly to the desired area of coverage. Reapply the initial foundation to unify the correction.

Lip correction: to correct the shape of the mouth if it is too large or asymmetrical, use one or both tips, then cover the part of the lips to be corrected by smoothening out the pencil.

Eyes correction: to make the eyes look wider in a very natural way, apply the pencil to the waterline.

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