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Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Watertone Foundation Sponge

 (USA Only)

Coming Soon

The perfect tool for sponge lovers. It has been created for applying Watertone Foundation.

This amazing sponge instantly enhances your skin for a natural fresh finish. Made with a water activated material, it doesn’t absorb foundation and feels like a caress on the skin.
Be ready for an effortless application, whatever the coverage needed. This one will help you achieve an even out and fresh complexion in the simplest way.

How to clean ?
To clean efficiently Watertone Sponge, first wet the sponge with hot water. Then, pour some SPONGE SHAMPOO directly on the sponge insisting on most used are as with your fingers. Lather and rinse the sponge well with hot water, squeeze it and let it dry on clean surface until next use. If used on a regular base, change your sponge every 3 months.