Minx - Petal to the Metal

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Not all flowers are fragile, show your metal side with this tough design.

  • One pack includes 22 wraps, perfect for two to three applications.
  • Minx lasts about 10 - 14 days with correct application.
  • Ready-to-wear formula for an easy application wherever you go!


  1. Clean bare nail with alcohol wipe to remove oils
  2. Size Minx to nail and preheat, either rub to warm or use the Minx Heat
  3. Apply heated Minx to nail with rounded end close to the cuticle, tapping lightly to place
  4. Use orangewood stick to press Minx on the nail around the edges to adhere without air bubbles
  5. Fold the Minx over the edge of nail & use crystal file to remove excess
  6. File in a vertical, downward motion to avoid lifting issues
  7. Place fingers in front of heat and apply pressure to ensure adhesion & remove any bubbles
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