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Morphe - Elite II Collection

Select a Brush
E1 Deluxe Powder
E2 Round Powder
E3 Precision Pointed Powder
E4 Angled Contour
E5 Pro Mini Fan Brush
E6 Premium Flat Buffer
E7 Angled Buffer
E8 Detail Contour
E9 Oval Foundation
E10 Tapered Concealer
E11 Angled Brow
E12 Pointed Foundation Buffer
E13 Oval Shadow Fluff
E14 Oval Shadow
E15 Deluxe Oval Shadow
E16 Pro Angled Contour
E17 Crease Precision Blender
E18 Round Crease
E19 Pointed Lip
E20 Oval Detail Buffer
E21 Deluxe Angle Blender
E22 Pointed Blender
E23 Deluxe Blender
E24 Bullet Crease
E25 Pointed Foundation Concealer Blender
E26 Oval Foundation Concealer
E27 Pro Round Blender
E28 Round Blender
E29 Angled Brow Spoolie
E30 Blending Fluff
E31 Deluxe Flat Buffer
E32 Oval Concealer
E33 Deluxe Fan
E34 Tapered Blush
E35 Detail Smudger
E36 Detail Crease
E37 SmallDetail
E38 Bent Liner
E39 Mini Detail Lip
E40 Eyelash Fan
E41 Round Deluxe Powder
E42 Pro Deluxe Contour
E43 Flat Brow
E44 Round Deluxe Buffer
E45 Mini Detail Contour
E46 Mini Angled Buffer
E47 SmallFlat Angled Contour
E48 Mini Pointed Powder
E49 Flat Pointed Powder
E50 Mini Tapered Highlight Brush
E51 Deluxe Angled Powder Contour
E52 Premium Tapered Brush
E53 Pro Pointed Powder
E54 Pro Deluxe Flat Buffer
E55 Pro Flat Contour
E56 Deluxe Unde Eye Powder
E57 Pointed Concealer Brush
E58 Angled Buffer Powder Contour
E59 Tapered Bronzer Brush




Some exciting facts about the new collection...

  • Softer bristles...I'll be more gentle!
  • Upgraded ferrule.
  • Changed my hair color.
  • I'm cuter than ever and you can take me everywhere!

And guess what?!? I'm permanent, here to stay!


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