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Morphe Gilded Brushes

Select a Color
Y1 Precision Pointed Powder Brush
Y2 Tapered Powder Brush
Y3 Pro Pointed Powder Brush
Y4 Deluxe Angle Brush
Y5 Pro Tapered Blush Brush
Y6 Pro Flat Buffer Brush
Y7 Round Buffer Brush
Y8 Mini Tapered Highlight/Contour Brush
Y9 Detail Contour Brush
Y10 Mini Detail Contour Brush
Y11 Deluxe Pointed Contour Brush
Y12 Pro Flat Contour Brush
Y13 Pro Highlight Fan Brush
Y14 Pro Detail Highlight Brush
Y15 Deluxe Round Blender Brush
Y16 Deluxe Fluff Brush
Y17 Deluxe Detailed Crease Brush
Y18 Tapered Blending Fluff Brush
Y19 Pointed Blender Brush
Y20 Pro Round Crease Brush
Y21 Flat Definer Brush
Y22 Detailed Bullet Crease Brush
Y23 Pro Angle Liner Brush




Morphe Gilded Brushes Collection has every kind of brush you can imagine for your kit or creation! From contour to powder and eyebrow brushes, everything you need is here for you to choose from. These gold brushes are staple you can be proud to display.

Y1-Precision Pointed Powder Brush: This fluffy, pointed multi-tasking brush has soft bristles to disperse product and leave an airbrushed finish. The defined tip applies blush, bronzer and powder to precise areas or it can be used on its side to sweep over a broader area.

Y2-Tapered Powder Brush: This soft, tapered, fluffy brush sweeps on powder lightly and evenly for a diffused, airbrushed finish. Use this brush to set foundation with loose or pressed powder without heaviness or caking.

Y3-Pro Pointed Powder Brush: This fluffy brush has a defined taper to sweep on powder precisely or great for diffusing harsh lines and blending seamlessly with the rest of makeup. Use it for defining features and bronzing the perimeter of the face.

Y4-Deluxe Angle Brush: This angled blush brush fits into curves and contours and is perfect for sweeping blush along the apples of the check.

Y5-Pro Tapered Blush Brush: This tapered blush brush buffs color over the apples of the cheeks to blend seamlessly with the rest of face makeup. The slender head and soft, rounded tip apply pigmented colors with control and disperse product evenly.

Y6-Pro Flat Buffer Brush: This dense, flat-topped, kabuki-style brush buffs in liquid and powder foundations for an airbrushed finish. The synthetic bristles smooth out liquids without stealing product and give excellent coverage without heaviness on the skin.

Y7-Round Buffer Brush: This rounded kabuki-style brush buffs in base products while fitting into the curves of the face. It’s perfect for liquid foundations as well as mineral and powder foundations.

Y8-Mini Tapered Highlight/Contour Brush: This tapered brush has a pinched ferrule that makes it perfect for fitting the contours of the face and buffing out cream contours or applying a defined highlight. It’s the perfect brush for getting that extra glow and sculpting features with cream or powder. 

Y9-Detail Contour Brush: This domed brush fits easily into curves and contours and perfectly sculpts the face with powder and cream products. It also buffs out areas where makeup has been over-applied.

Y10-Mini Detail Contour Brush: This short, dense domed brush is perfect for blending out powder and cream products.

Y11-Deluxe Pointed Contour Brush: This slender brush tapers to a defined point to sweep contour powder lightly and precisely into the hollows of the cheeks and around the perimeter of the face. It defines features while blending with the rest of the makeup. Use the tip for a defined highlight.

Y12-Pro Flat Contour Brush: This dense, flat brush has a flat tip for a precise, chiseled contour. Use it to buff in cream contour products or to stamp in powder and clean up contour lines.

Y13-Pro Highlight Fan Brush: This soft, full fan brush has a light touch to sweep on highlight and build intensity with ease. Use it across the top of the cheekbones or the tip of the nose and cupids bow.

Y14-Pro Detail Highlight Brush: This slender brush has a light, tapered tip with just enough fluff to give you precise highlight while diffusing color and blending seamlessly with the rest of the makeup.

Y15-Deluxe Round Blender Brush: This fluffy, round brush buffs and blends in color. It’s perfect for detailed blending and blurring away harsh lines.

Y16-Deluxe Fluff Brush: This buffing crease brush is a perfect tool for diffusing transitions and effortlessly blending crease colors together.

Y17-Deluxe Detailed Crease Brush: This fluffy crease brush comes to a defined, tapered point for targeted placement while still blending and diffusing color. The fullness of the brush gives crease colors a soft, blown-out look.

Y18-Tapered Blending Fluff Brush: This brush has a pinched ferrule and a tapered tip for versatility and controlled application. The fluffy tip blends out crease color while the side of the brush brings shadow onto the lid, making it perfect for both shading and transitioning.

Y19-Pointed Blender Brush: This pointed, fluffy brush sweeps color into the crease for a soft, blown-out transition and flawless blending. Use it for diffusing transition colors.

Y20-Pro Round Crease Brush: This dense, round brush applies strong color to targeted areas and is great for blending shadows and deepening the outer “V”.

Y21-Flat Definer Brush: This flat, stiff brush defines the brows with pomades and powders as well as applying color along the lash line. 

Y22-Detailed Bullet Crease Brush: This pencil brush has a soft, domed point for applying bolder color in the outer “V”, buffing out liner and creating defined lines in the crease. It’s also great for applying nose contour.

Y23-Pro Angle Liner Brush: This stiff, angled brush applies powder and pomades to the brow with precise strokes for a defined, sculpted brow look. It can also be used to achieve bold looks with eyeliner.

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