MustaeV - Makeup Sponge (4 Blocks)




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A dense and elastic makeup sponge that enhances makeup. Once touched against your skin, the sponge feels soft and flexible. The superior elasticity helps the sponge return to its original state no matter how hard it is pressed. 

The soft touch of this sponge provides and excellent application with no skin irritation. The sponge absorbs the liquid in foundation and makes the particles stick to the skin for a lasting effect, and makes blending easy and simple. 

Size: 1 peice 5.6cm *3.4cm The whole size: 11.2cm *6.8cm
Since the coated side of the sponge is circular, it makes blending easy and creates a natural flawless look. For long lasting makeup, apply the base or foundation with the foam side, finish by patting with the coated side.