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PaintGlow UV Face & Body Paint 50ml

Select a Color
Blue (AA1B03)
Green (AA1B02)
Orange (AA1B05)
Pink (AA1B04)
Red (AA1B06)
Yellow (AA1B01)




In need of a make-up shake up? This best-selling party paint is the ultimate accessory for every festival, club and neon paint party fanatic. Offering a dynamic range of 6 intense colours, the UV Face Paint and UV Body Paint appears highly pigmented and vibrant in daylight, but when exposed to UV light, dramatically comes alive.

UV Face Paint That Can Party As Hard As You

Festivals are the perfect stage to showcase your most extravagant uv body paint skills and experimental designs, but who has time for constant touch ups in blistering heat and swarming crowds? Well not to worry, because with this wonder product, there’s really little need.

This Neon UV Face Paint formula is incredibly long-lasting, smudge resistant and waterproof- what more could you ask for? Which means that your unique and intricate designs will last all through the day and straight into the night.

  • 6 unique colours 
  • Water based Formula
  • Cosmetically certified and dermatologically tested
  • 100% cruelty free

Introducing A Party Paint That Is As Easy To Take-Off As It Is To Apply

The wax based texture of this paint provides a smooth, thick and creamy coverage, making application to the skin a tactile and pleasant experience, meaning more time can be spent on the things that really matter- namely beer, music and friends.

Come night or morning, simply use soap and water to wipe your designs away. So, whether you’re after a subtle hint of sass or a body art extravaganza- the Neon UV Body Paint is a surefire way to look sassy by day and shine by night.

Trend to try: Henna has to be the prettiest festival trend we’ve ever laid our eyes on, and it definitely isn’t as complicated as it looks.

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