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PaintGlow UV Face Paint and UV Body Paint 10ml

Select a Color
Baby Blue (AA1A36)
Baby Pink (AA1A35)
Black (AA1A16)
Blue (AA1A03)
Green (AA1A02)
Orange (AA1A05)
Pink (AA1A04)
Red (AA1A06)
Sunshine Orange (AA1A11)
Violet (AA1A07)
White (AA1A08)
Yellow (AA1A01)




Are you tired of the same ol’ boring makeup styles? Not a fan of being told what is on trend or not? If you’re someone who likes to shake things up a little, a dash of PaintGlow’s UV Neon Face Paint on your next clubbing night out will make sure that you shake up the dance floor and the expectations of everyone on it!

Easy to apply and with a smooth, thick and creamy coverage the 10ml UV Neon Paint Party range will fit into the smallest of bags or pockets so you can bring them along for the ride. Perfect if you fancy changing things up in the middle of a night out by adding an extra pattern or a splash of different colour to your already awesome design.

Get The Neon UV Paint Party Look

We don’t have to tell you that UV Paint Parties are huge at the moment. There are so many possibilities with our fluorescent products, the sky is your limit! But for those who are new to the UV game, you might be thinking - where do I start?

Top Tip: The UV Face and UV Body Paints are best applied with a medium sized brush (available from any makeup or art shop) but if you’re after a dotted design, they can be applied straight from the tube.

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