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Purely Cosmetics Pure Silk Powder



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Purely Cosmetics' Pure Silk Powder is a unique colorless formula with moisture control properties that adjust to individual skin types; it absorbs or releases moisture with temperature and humidity changes, performing beautifully on both dry and oily skin. Silk powder boasts 18 amino acids, reflects UV rays to aid in preventing sun damage and emulates your skin's natural light reflection for a delicate finish. Works well both over and underneath foundation to help your look last all day!

**Please Note: CRC Makeup takes every measure to ensure an accurate representation of the product's color, though we cannot compensate for the viewer's monitor or color settings. Actual product color may vary.

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Note: Store in a cool, dark place. Because silk draws moisture from the air, it is not recommended that silk powder be kept longer than 2 years.

Size: 0.1 oz. / 3 gr. Particle Size: 3-6 microns on average.


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