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Rebels and Outlaws

Rebels and Outlaws | Liquid Luck Potion

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Rebels and Outlaws Liquid Luck Aromatic Spray

Brewed with the best intentions and Lemongrass, which is bound to Mercury and air, Liquid Luck Potion will repel dragons and serpents, and those who hold you back or wish you harm. It offers fidelity, honesty, growth, and strength, and helps to break negative patterns and promote attraction.

Size: 2 oz.

Infused with Lemongrass, lemon verbena, cedar, ginger and witch hazel. 

Lemon verbena, a traditional luck herb, has the ability to convert bad luck into good. It is positive, protective and cleansing. It is a strengthening herb added to others to give extra power and is used as an "attraction" herb. 

Witch Hazel gets its name from being commonly used to craft divination rods and is ideal for captivating, conjuring and pulling the positive towards you. 

Finished with cedar for longevity and luck and a dash of ginger to speed things up. 

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