Sigma 3DHD™ Blender




The 3DHD™ Blender from Sigma is breaking into the market and shaking up makeup sponges as we know them. With an innovative design inspired by the raved-about angles of our 3DHD® Kabuki and Precision brushes, this dimensional new tool boasts 6 useful surfaces that apply and blend better than any sponge that has come before it. Take blending to the edge.

  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Flawless Application
  • Reach Every Contour

The 3DHD™ Blender pushes ordinary beauty sponges to the edge with its innovative design. Inspired by our best-selling 3DHD® brushes, this blender reaches every contour of the face with ease. Prime, conceal, sculpt and highlight with liquids, creams and powders for truly high-definition skin. Use the edges, flat surfaces and points to ensure seamless, all-over coverage. Take blending to the edge with Sigma’s one-of-a-kind, latex-free 3DHD™ Blender.

UNIQUE FEATURE: Sponge with 3DHD® angled edges

FUNCTION: Precise application and blending of liquids, creams and powders

RECOMMENDED USE: Apply your favorite complexion product with a stippling or blending motion

• Latex-Free • Wash before first use. 

3dhd blender angles


1) Wet 3DHD™ Blender 2) Squeeze to remove excess water 3) Use damp sponge to apply and blend products onto skin



1) Thoroughly wet 3DHD™ Blender 2) Apply 1-3 pumps SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ 3) Squeeze to lather 4) Rinse well under warm, running water 5) Repeat until water runs clear