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Stick With It

Stick With It Palette

  • Stick With It Palette -  | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 1
  • Stick With It Palette - Sea Glass | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 2
  • Stick With It Palette -  | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 3
  • Stick With It Palette - Slate | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 4
  • Stick With It Palette -  | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 5
  • Stick With It Palette -  | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 6
  • Stick With It Palette -  | Camera Ready Cosmetics - 7




Stick With It® is the ONLY non-magnetic, double-sided organizer that uses Clingfinity™ technology to secure makeup items and implements in place while you work. Unlike a magnet that solely attracts metal, this case conveniently carries and protects items regardless of what they are made of. Clingfinity™ is a reusable, sticky surface that will not wear off, is non-toxic and leaves no sticky residue.


 Benefits- Saves you time

1- Keeps your items in place without the frustration of dropping them while you work

2- Opens flat for easy access to see all your items and colors

3- Secures items made of various metals, wood, or plastic

Variety of Uses- Multipurpose, single solution

1- Makeup Storage- makeup pans, pencils, small brushes, and implements

2- Mixing Palette- water-based paints and makeup, can apply palette paper for easy clean up

3- Craft Organizer- separate items into kits or projects

4- Embellishment Organizer- keeps rhinestones and beads from rolling away

5- Work Surface- holds hobby items steady while assembling small parts

6- Portable- great for travel and use on-the-go

 Quality- Made to last

1- Case is made of durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic, it will not chip nor crack when dropped on concrete floors

2- Clingfinity™ will last for years with proper cleaning. After thousands of cleaning cycles it will still stay sticky!


*Available in colors: Slate or Sea Glass

*Dimensions: 7.125”L x 3.75”W x .625”H

*Case sold empty- products shown for illustration only

*Palette sold empty.

 How to Use and Clean- See full instructions included in the packaging

1- To use the palette- Peel off the protective plastic film and set aside for later use.

Gently press your items onto the surface. Items that cling best are dry, smooth and clean (free of dust and oils).

Textured items may not fully grip.Before closing the case lay the plastic film on top of a) secured items to maintain organization or b) make-up to reduce the transfer of powder.

2- To remove items twist and lift- may use a small, metal spatula or tweezers to gently pry items loose.

3- To renew sticky surface- wipe with 70% or 91% rubbing alcohol or warm soapy water, rinse and let fully dry.

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